Marble and Granite Design LTD is exclusive representative of Alcantara Stone™ for Bulgaria

As a company, Alcantara Stone™, can offer the prestige, strength, quality and good knowledge of one of the best companies positioned in the sector.

Alcantara Stone™ exports its brand around the world, a brand that is recognized by the warmth, beauty and exclusivity of their materials.

To be able to offer its customers the very best, Alcantara Stone™, researches and develops its own deposits and holdings, transforms at the request of the customer materials in their own factories and brings added value to get the most unique and emblematic projects.

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Alcantara Black Granite
Negro Alcantara Exclusive ®

The nature, always capricious with shapes and colors, sometimes delights us with all its splendor leaving us admire true works of art, unique pieces that fill our senses and satisfy our souls have in their.

Following these premises, Alcantara Stone™ has created a product line aimed exclusively at designers, who want creations with a unique material, unique and unrepeatable.

The Exclusive Line, offers a space where the designer let his imagination fly creative, shaping the most beautiful ideas.

As fund them, the most select material:

Negro Alcantara Exclusive

Each block, each table, each element performed in Negro Alcantara Exclusive, includes its authenticity and limited series, each of them unique and exceptional pieces on the market.

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